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Who We Are

We are FOAM Studio Limited. A group of companies that does things differently, constantly challenging the norm that, only complicated and expensive solutions are suitable for already complex National and Business needs.

Our business is helping Government Parastatals, Businesses and Charities bring their services to the Citizens and Service-Users. Using innovative technologies and bespoke solutions, we help deliver these complex services to the bonafide users Securely, Effectively, Fast, Responsibly and in the most Cost-Effective way.

Since 2009, FOAM Studio Limited has maintained a growing reputation for the delivery of excellence; excellence in solutions and services all of the time. A reputation based on consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Our Approach is unique, intelligent, groundbreaking and mostly bespoke; built with the end-user in mind.

Our Solutions and expertise span 2 continents and over 5 countries, used in Healthcare, Education, Logistics & Cargo Protection, Secure Identities & Credentials, Land & Border Security to Pipeline Protection. To- date, our solutions and delivered projects serve over 3 Million Service-Users annually worldwide.

We pride ourselves in our

  • Experience
  • Knowledge and Expertise
  • Technologies and Capabilities
  • Resource and Competence
  • Reputation
  • A worldwide network of Specialised Partners.

We change the status quo in the delivery of Government to Citizens Solutions.